Thank you for seeing my brother. He came away from your meeting a different person. He also took on some acupuncture from G.K., and a cloud lifted from his eyes after being with you both......he seems so much more positive and full of life, ready to take on the necessary challenges. So, thank you with all my heart for doing that. Your gift made mine to him a very very special part of his life. K. C . - London

Just looked back at a session u sent me the recording of in 2008, i think back then i was too blind to really understand but today i listened to it again and its worked for me better today then it did 2 years ago and made me see some of my repetitive patterns, so i just wanted to say thanks x
maria U- Dubai

Dear Sahar, Many thanks for your time this morning. You’ve given me fresh energy and focus. It’s refreshing.
Tom - London

It was a pleasure to meet you today. I shall commence my homework tomorrow morning and start unblocking my channels.  All the best, Kelvin H. - London.

Thank you again Sahar for such an amazing session. I will be in touch soon, as I wish to arrange for my dear friend to come and see you, as she really needs some direction in her life. It was so lovely to see you again............I want an excuse just to come back!! Take care,
Tracy Q.- London

Dear Sahar,
Just wanted to thank you for your valuable advice today.
Haneen - Saudi Arabia.

Dear Sahar
yes received and listened to! Many thanks it was well for waiting for, I have passed your details on to my daughter
best wishes
Sheila P. - UK


Testimonials Part 5

GaetanoHallo Sahar,
Just to let you know that I think you are the best consultant I have met on my path. Everything you told me came to reality.
Gaetano Vivo, Reiki Master.

I hope you will remember who I am. With all of your many clients it must be very difficult to recognize someone by email! Well, I came to see you on Friday: my first visit to you. I just wanted to thank you very much for the reading that you did and for the advice that you gave me. I felt very uplifted after having seen you and much more positive about the future. I do realize that it's up to me, but it's always useful to have stimuli to push one along. As you said, if one doesn't act then it will just have been a fantastic reading.
Thanks again.
J. R. - Prague

Dear Sahar I thought that I would let you know that I am beginning to feel more positive about life. I listened to your tape last night and had a good laugh about what you said about X - it's all so true! ... I have joined a Bridge Club, I have also organized a drinks party for 60 people (housewarming) for March, a holiday in France with a girlfriend at the end of May, and am now looking at ideas for Easter - a possible cooking course somewhere in Italy
Hope all is well with you. Best wishes.
J.D. - London

Just wanted you to know that you are lovely. I have read and will reread your advice. Great food for thought.
with love,
J.N. - London.

Thanks Sahar. I think what I particularly like about  your style of guidance is how you engage the client- it’s the old saying when the student is ready the teacher appears. A few weeks ago the advice you gave me I didn't fully ‘understand’ although at the time I didn't realize it.  I now realize that what I am experiencing is exactly how it should be and at the level I can cope with so as not to overwhelm me, which temporarily I have been but I can ‘see’ now. I now understand what you meant about having an opportunity and to stop being a ‘victim’. I hope as I grow I can one day provide the guidance you have done for me. I am truly most grateful.
Vivian C. -Yorkshire.

AsandraSahar, This is quite brilliant and I am truly indebted to you. The answer is extremely reassuring and affirming of my path. I'm grateful for your time, effort, and clarity.
Love, Asandra - USA

Hello Sahar,  
Thank you so much for the beautiful and insightful reading you gave me .  
God bless you. Elham - Sweden.

Dear Sahar,
Thank you so much for your recording and detailed advice.
I feel happy and we can enjoy our life after I listen to your reading. I will do the exercise this weekend. Much love from Masatune, Kikuko and Akiko - Japan.


Dear Sahar,
I wanted to take a minute to thank you again for seeing me last week while I was on vacation in London.  I am truly amazed at your insight and your ability to define me so accurately in the one short hour I spent with you. Our visit left me more inspired and hopeful than I've been in a very long time! Thank you for helping me see and understand. I look forward to reporting much progress to you the next time we speak! Warm regards,
Sandy F - Florida, USA, 2009

Hi Sahar,
It was lovely to see you today. Thank you for the follow up session. It was really inspiring and made me feel very positive about the future. I've just downloaded it- will bear in mind your advise of the day!
D.H. Jordan

Just to let you know that I have received my recording and have been listening a few times this evening! I have also just ordered 'Mandalas for healing'. Thank you again for such an inspirational reading. 
Tracy Q. - London, UK

Many thanks for this afternoon and for the recording which came through fine. Don't think I've ever said 'yeah' so many times in one hour ! Thank you! best, Miranda - London

Hi Sahar, Received the mp3 in good form.  Your guidance/ counselling and how I can be a better me is most helpful. I will work on my list for my "future partner". Thanks again.
Louisa - Hong Kong.

Dear Sahar,
Recording received, listened to, appreciated and enjoyed, and now digesting it all! Thank you so very much! My wife, Sarah, will be in touch to have her own reading done too. With gratitude;
Alain P. - Switzerland

Hi Sahar, Thanks for sending the second mp3 through - I just listened to my reading again, and felt as good as I did when I left you yesterday, so thanks!
W. Chu - Australia.