Dear Sahar,
I am seriously impressed by all the things that u told me. You described me so well!
Nathalie B. Switzerland, 2009

I would like to thank you for my session. It has taken me a few days to register it all. It was very powerful and insightful. You are truly gifted! Sahar, I am deeply touched by your guidance and gift. You have helped me immensely. I was in real need of guidance. Sending you much love, Marie Kambouridis - Australia 2009

Hi Sahar,
Really enjoyed our session again, thanks. I also, found your advice really helpful. Take care and thanks again for your great insight into my dilemma. Look forward to another session in future.  
C. F. - Ireland 2009

Thank you very much for your guidance, your kind and wise words have given me a wake up call!
Mahi - Cairo, Egypt, 2009

Dearest Sahar, 
Allow me to thank you once again for your time and positive energy.  God bless you always. 
With my highest esteem,
Tamara - Jordan, 2009

Thank you so much for today's session. I am listening to it now. You are so amazing (and so beautiful). I will take the advice on board and will follow my life path. Thank you so much and I would love to stay in touch! Loads of love,
Vikki L - London 2009

Hi Sahar,
Got the recording. You're right! You are so so right! with love,
Lee Ann S. - Dubai, 2009

Testimonials Part 4

Sahar, I cannot thank you enough for the support and guidance you have given me the past years. Special people like you are divine gifts to mankind, and I am blessed to know you. You are brilliant.....a true gem, and in my own way I have much love for you. Thank you so much.
T.Q. - London, 2005

Hello Oracle!paula
Just wanted you to know that
you are spot on, as ever!
Paula RobinsonLondon, 2002

Dearest Sahar,
First let me begin to tell you how soothing your warm voice was, and by thanking you for the recording. It was very inspirational, and you have seen right through me. I have listened to it and have felt immediately lifted up. Thank you. I will take the time to listen to it again, and begin my homework.… A thank you for the motivation from my sister who has also listened to her tape. Take care and God bless you.
Love, S. A.- Jeddah

I got the tape! And have listen a few times. You gave me so much homework. Thank you so much for your great advice and teaching. I will keep you posted on my encounters. Thanks again, Love and all the blessings of the universe!
P.H. - Iceland

Hi Sahar,
The session was great and I have started to do my homework. I really feel stronger and positive! ... On Saturday morning I have changed the decoration of my flat and now I have a very nice table on which I enjoy my self-cook meals and it's also the desk on which I have started writing. Thanks a lot Sahar,
Love, M.S. - Rome.

Dear Sahar,
Thank you for your e-news letter. Also thank you so much for your time last Tuesday. I was very happy to hear your reading and advice.
Y. Ito - Japan, 2005

Thank you - it was really uplifting to meet you today and my reading certainly made me feel at peace and happy about what my future may hold. Thank you so much, again.
Paula M - London 2009

Thank you. Very reassuring. All the best, Nadine M - Dubai, 2009

I recognize so much of what you've said, Sahar, and I look forward to carrying out the homework. E. UK.


Hello Sahar
It was lovely to meet you earlier. I felt that you were able to provide me with a lot of valuable information in a short period of time, both in terms of what my immediate areas of concern were as well as putting this into a longer term perspective.
A.B. Holland , 08

Sahar - thank you so much for seeing me yesterday. I always feel so great when I leave your house... a true pick up and energy boost. Have a wonderful week.
Charlotte R - London 2010

Just to confirm that the MP3 works... thanks very much! And you are fantastic, thanks for all of your help.
Best wishes
Michelle - London, 2010

Thank you so much for your help today! You lifted my spirit, encouraged me so much, and gave me hope. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me.

Simon - London, 2009

Dear Sahar 
I have just finished listening to the reading and you were totally spot on
Sarah- Bedfordshire UK. 2009

You are so giving and so gifted. Thank you - always so lovely to see you and to be with one another.I often think of you- with love. M. Patel - London 2009

Many thanks for the recording.  I found my time with you most useful and very positive, so thank you. Kind regards,
Steve C.- London 2009

Thank you Sahar, it was lovely to see you and thank you again, very helpful as always!
Claudie- London, UK