Hi Sahar,

The reading was great and I have started to do my homework. I really feel stronger and positive! ... On Saturday morning I have changed the decoration of my flat and now I have a very nice table on which I enjoy my self-cook meals and it's also the desk on which I have started writing. By the way, as you said, I have received money from abroad and the bank gave me an amount of money: all this to buy my small & fast car. Thanks a lot Sahar,
Love, M.S. - Rome.

Dear Sahar,
Thanks for the reading, well received. It was really helpful and your words were very encouraging. I have not used writing in a more therapeutic way, but I will follow your advice. Many thanks again and all the best.
Alessandra G. London UK

Dear Sahar,
 Your reading has helped more than you will ever know. 
Thank you. Love
F.B. Hampshire, UK.

Hi Sahar
Thanks for the reading - what a gorgeous voice you have!  You were spot on, of course and I shall take heed of what has been said, if I can possibly contain my excitement!!
Angela. UK

Dear Sahar,
Thank you for the reading and thank you for listening and for all the advice!!!!
Having just heard the recording I realize how much you listened so thanks!!!
S. B, London UK

Thank You so much for your insight and for helping me start to realize my path.
With love and light from my heart and from my higher self.
Nick- USA, 2008

Thank you. That was very helpful and definitely reminded me of what and who i have always been- a positive person. See u in May.
N. A. - Dubai, 2009

Thank you Sahar, for a wonderful reading. I shall listen to it for the next twelve months and hopefully see you again next January. Light
Ron - London, UK. 09.

Sahar - again, thank you for the reading. It's a huge wake up call for me. It's about time to move, shake myself up and do something. I want to feel alive again and doing your homework will certainly make me feel that again ;)
D. H. Singapore, 08.

Testimonials Part 3

Jewell St. James,You are right on, to what's happening in my life, but more than that, I so appreciate (and require) the tools you've passed on, to do what I need to do. I have to digest it all, yet I know this is the best reading I have ever, ever had. Its beyond  a reading. I am so grateful for hearing the words right now, that I need to hear, on so many levels. I'll be in touch, but for now I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I certainly will be passing on people to you.  Much love,
Jewell. St.James - Canada 2004

Sahar, I cannot thank you enough for the support and guidance you have given me the past years. Special people like you are divine gifts to mankind, and I am blessed to know you. You're readings have been so accurate. In one of my previous reading you mentioned we might have two ceremonies and we will. We had religious ceremony last month, and we're having a civil ceremony in two months, just as you mentioned in the reading. Also, you said you see us getting married around May. Guess what,we are. You are brilliant. A true gem, and in my own way I have much love for you. Thank you so much. Your Loyal Client,
T.Q. - London

emmaWow…how accurate are you!!
Amazing again, it’s as if you have been a fly on the wall over the last few days. You really are so good.
Lots of love and thanks so much for taking time to do my reading.
Emma Hackforth - Bath, UK

Dearest Sahar,
First let me begin to tell you how soothing your warm voice was, and by thanking you for the reading. It was very inspirational, and you have seen right through me. I have listened to my reading and have felt immediately lifted up. Thank you. I will take the time to listen to it again, and begin my homework. Thank you for the motivation from my sister who has also listened to her tape. Take care and God bless you. Love,
S. A . - Jeddah

JTDearest Sahar,
I got the mini reading ok and I am so grateful again for your assistance and guidance. I truly appreciate it. Again, I was thrilled to hear confirmation that I'll be developing my own way of working. Much love and light,
Jacquie - St. Albans, 2007

Dear Sahar,
Thank you for your e-news letter. Also thank you so much for your reading last Tuesday. I was very happy to hear your reading and advice. Especially, I liked your repeated comments which were "this is the best card" and "this is the excellent card". I hope I can tell you good news about my job issue in August or September. Best Regards,
Y. Ito - Japan, ,2005

Dear Ms. Sahar,
I received the MP3 File and I appreciate it so much for the enlightenment that you have put on my life.  The news might not be what I expected to hear but I am glad that I have a future ahead of me which is worth all my energy and effort. I would like to thank you once again!!  I appreciate your help so much! Kind Regards,
F.R. - Kuwait, 2009

Thanks a lot, Sahar. I am feeling more inspired now after my reading.
The recording is very clear. Thanks,
Sangeeta, 2008

Hi Sahar,
I received it. Thanks so much. Today's reading was very very good, the best I have ever gotten. I will see you again soon. 
N.K, USA, 2008.


ice cream

Thank you for seeing my brother. He came away from your meeting a different person. He also seems so much more positive and full of life, ready to take on the necessary challenges. So, thank you with all my heart for doing that.Your gift made mine to him a very very special part of his life. K. C.- London

I hope you will remember who I am. With all of your many clients it must be very difficult to recognize someone by email! I came to see you on Friday: my first visit to you. I just wanted to thank you very much for the reading that you did and for the advice that you gave me. I felt very uplifted after having seen you and much more positive about the future. I do realize that it's up to me, but it's always useful to have stimuli to push one along. As you said, if one doesn't act then it will just have been a fantastic reading .Thanks again.
J. R. - Prague

Dear Sahar
I thought that I would let you know that I am beginning to feel more positive about life. I listened to your tape last night and had a good laugh about what you said about X - it's all so true! ... I have joined a Bridge Club, I have also organized a drinks party for 60 people (housewarming) for March, a holiday in France with a girlfriend at the end of May, and am now looking at ideas for Easter - a possible cooking course somewhere in Italy
Hope all is well with you.
Best wishes.
J.D. - London

Just wanted you to know that you are lovely. I have read and will reread your advice. Great food for thought.
with love, J.N. - London.

Thank you so much. I have received it and listened to it a few times already.  You were very accurate about everything that you said and hopefully for the future too, I will let you know! All the best to you,
Paulina F. New York, 2008

Dear Sahar,
Thank you very much for the reading.  I believe it will guide me on the right path.
I realized that I should focus myself on being more active on my creativity.
E. Athens, 2008

Sahar Thank you. And Bless You. A million times over.
L.S. - Dubai, 2009

Got it thanks. It plays fine. Was really great talking with you. I feel so energized. Yes will work on structure and grounding! Many thanks.
Lydia, Australia, 08