Dear Sahar,
I have been meaning to contact you to say thank you but I have been in a whirlwind ever since I left your apartment!! I want to tell you that your timing was spot on. I feel that coming to see you gave me the clarity and the push I needed to move forward in my life. I have been trying to invoke and asking for what I want. I am now living and working in Thailand. I am getting settled and will start to develop my knowledge now. I have started to keep a journal as you asked me to and have been in charge of my thoughts. I just wanted to thank you once again and wish you good health and success. K.S.- Thailand

That makes complete sense. It's so interesting how you came up with all of that from my dream. I went off on a completely different tangent. I'd love to read up on this subject (of dreams). It's so cool!! Thanks a lot Sahar! You're the best.
H.B.- New York

Hi Sahar,
It was great to see you too. You have such a healing energy. I am constantly trying to keep the negativity out of my head, so I keep on saying my positive affirmation! As always thank you for your help, it was interesting looking at your site and finding out all the other stuff that you do! I would love it if one day you could teach me a little of what you know but first I must do the groundwork and learn to meditate otherwise my head is running around all over the place! Take care, love.
M.K.- Athens

Sahar, I wanted to write to say thank you for yesterday. It was very revealing for me and I understood a lot of truths. That's just what I needed to hear and you have helped me a lot!!! Thank you for being such a good friend to me.
M. M.- London

Got the tape this morning. Absolutely fantastic (it feels like you have been here listening to us.) Can't tell you how positive we both feel. Lots of love.
E & T, 2004 - UK.

Testimonials Part 2

Dear Sahar,
Just to keep you up to date, I found the partner you predicted, a warm and wonderful lady, just the person to help me move on in my life. Without your influence this opportunity would have passed me by. Still, I think you are very aware of the help and guidance you have given me. I hope life is being as good to you as you deserve, take care Gary. 2005, UK

Have just received and listened to your reading. What can I say - it was a REVELATION - not only because of the incredibly inspiring insights and advice you gave ME into my spiritual and "physical" path and future, but also because of the amazing, evident, progress YOU have made in your own spiritual and psychic growth. Seeing you develop in this way, over the years, with my very eyes, is a joy.  Keep up the brilliant work. I have better understood my path, thanks to your reading, and will make a conscious effort to move forward, by using the tools you suggested. Lots of love, and blessings. L.M.- France.

I still listen to your tape and yes events have transpired since my last reading by you. Firstly, Sahar thank you for being there for me as whenever I would feel low, I would play your tape and it would motivate me. My divorce happened just the way you said. My ex-husband has mentioned that he will always cherish me as a wonderful person and I feel at peace with this. I have been eating and drinking the right stuff as you said in your tape, and I can feel a difference in my complexion. I do play music and dance away the blues. I have also joined a swimming pool and have been doing 10 laps every day.
J. B. - Dubai

Well - thank you for absolutely all that you've given me these past few days. I've seen various people over the years, but your gift to me is by far the most important & I recognize that. I shall have no hesitation in recommending you to my family and friends and am planning to send my brother along for his Christmas present! I have already cleansed my home with salted water and lit perfumed candles! Thank you for the meditations and book list. I am on the path. I know that you are a giver, Sahar and want to say that if there's anything that I can do or give to you, please don't hesitate to ask me. It would be a pleasure from my heart. I'm sure I'll be back for more pearls of wisdom some day soon - in the meantime, I'm going to do the work. With much love and an eternity of thanks
K.C.- London

taymourDear Sahar,
To begin with, thank you very much for our reading, I left with much positivity. It's funny I was just having my breakfast, and had the urge to tell you all this. I'm sure you out of all people can understand where this is all coming from. Anyway, take excellent care, and good luck.
Taymour Qabazard- London

I was really impressed with Sahar, she was incredibly perceptive. It's really strange to meet someone for the first time who can so accurately pick out your character traits. She was extremely positive... I do feel motivated to act on her advice though. I would definitely go back to see her and have recommended a friend to book an appointment. F.D.- London

I got the tape! And have listen a few times. You gave me so much homework — it looks like that is what my immediate future will be (ha ha). Thanks so much for your great advice and teaching. I will keep you posted on my encounters. Thanks again, Love and all the blessings of the universe!
P.H. - Iceland


Hello Sahar,
Thank you again for your wonderful reading a yesterday. It was a wonderful combination of factual insight into the future and advice. It's clear why Imogen thinks so highly of you. I'll make sure to keep you in the loop.
M. Van G.- U.S.A.

Dear Sahar,
How are you? I thought that I would write to you to let you know that today I feel better than I have done for a long time. I assume it is due to the healing treatment that you gave me on Saturday. Thanks, as it seems to be working. I feel as if I am unblocked now and have been getting on with the dissertation, still got a lot to do but at least things seem to be flowing. I hope that it continues that way .

Dear Sahar,
I just wanted to say hi, and let you know that things are going relatively well. My girlfriend (The Angel you told me about in our last reading) and I are doing very well. I am facing life with less fear than before. I've grown to have more faith in the positive side of life. Though there are a few moments of insecurity and fear, that I try very hard to disregard. Not to worry, all will be well. Have a very happy new year, and take excellent care of yourself. You're wonderful. Sincerely,
T. Q.- London

Thank you so much for the email reading- it was very accurate and helpful. I find it easier to absorb information when it's written down so thank you for taking the time to do that. I think this was probably your most accurate reading to date for me… So now I am much more focused - well done! If you have any meditations that you can send that would be useful. Have a great day. Best Wishes
L. A. - London

Hello Oracle!
Just wanted you to know that you are spot on, as ever!
Paula R.-London

Darling Sahar, Just to let you know that your prediction was absolutely spot on and I'm getting married inshallah in May!
S.M.D. - Dubai