Just want to thank you so so much for your distant reading .Thank you for giving me information about my 3 spirit guides, something I've always wanted to know. I've only had time to listen once but already I feel so high, so positive, so emotional, so grateful!

Everything you said confirms what I've always known but was too fearful to believe. I felt no one understood as I struggled to even understand myself! You are truly talented and amazing,the long wait was definitely worth it! I really can't wait to get stuck into the homework and fulfil my soul's purpose. Words will never express how grateful I feel. Besides,I believe your work load won't allow you time to read all that I want to express! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! What you do is fantastic, you have made me so happy!  With so much love,
S.T. London, 2005

Dear Sahar,
I finally and about time got some excellent news about my course. A break through that I never thought would come, I received the results of 3 essays today!!!! which I passed. And Sahar I thank you from the bottom of my heart for pushing me all along, this has really been a terrible terrible year, worse than my tongue could ever express and much more dramatic than I could ever reveal. I can safely say if it wasn't for you I would have definitely had a nervous breakdown. So I just want to say a huge thanks for all the support, I couldn't have done it without you :)
S. S - Portugal

Dear Sahar, I finally received the tape today and listened to it already twice. I would say that most of it is definitely spot on, and somehow most of what you said about work, relationship and children is something that I felt and feel myself...You just confirmed that to me. Anyway, I thank you very much for your work and your availability, and I will sure listen to your tape quite often, as it supports my primary and not the worry-side tracks.
Un abbraccio cosmico
B.C .- Italy

Thank you for the incredible guidance and PUSH!! Keep me posted on your news xoxox
N. L. - London

Hi Sahar
It was great to see on Tuesday and thanks again for the reading. I felt really positive thanks to your great healing voice.... so onwards and upwards!... Anyway my dear, Keep up the great work.
S.H .- London

I am sure you will be pleased to hear that I am continuing with all my homework.  I have recently completed a french course, and a watercolor course.  I have read some of the human givens books and am seeking help for my thyroid condition from Karen Clickner in the States.  Thank you again.
Karen.S.- UK, 2009

Testimonials Part 1

"Sahar has, over a period of two years, accurately predicted matters pertaining to my career that were of immense value, and without ever meeting me".
Hans Holzer, Ph.D. - Author of Psychic Yellow Pages.

stewartSahar Huneidi is a rare find, a jewel amongst pebbles. She is an extraordinarily accurate Psychic and Spiritual DIY Expert. She has more than the ability to 'see' beyond the veil of three dimensional consciousness, because she has in her heart a gift that helps to empathize, calibrate and heal her clients as they cease to stagger and begin to walk their rightful destiny. This is true divinatory prowess, because within each 'reading', within each pearl of information she provides, as great as the rite of initiation itself lies the belief that spiritual truth and love are the greatest of all the virtues!
Stewart Pearce, author, Master of Voice & Sound Alchemist. 2005

Thank you so much for the beautiful, insightful, crisp, moving-at-the-speed-of-light reading you gave me yesterday.  Right after, I went to Thanksgiving dinner at a friend’s house. When I came home, I downloaded the MP3 file of our session and spent the rest of the evening transcribing the reading.  It took almost 6 hours to finish, and when I was done, I had in my hands a blueprint for my evolution and a lot of homework to do! Thank you, thank you and thank you some more.
With love, A.N- New York.

Hi Sahar,
I'm happy to report my U2 sculpture sold for 22K yesterday at the Nordoff Robbins event. I worked on the figure '8', which came up in my reading,for a good outcome...and it worked!! It also is working for me on 'sales' so many thanks for that too!! Laura Lian- UK .

Sharii HArmelThis was my third reading with you and as always, I'm inspired. Your readings move me beyond hopes and dreams and into taking actions that will allow me to step into the bigness of my life. Thank you!!
with love & blessings,
Sharri Harmel

Sahar, Thank you for your concern and the insight of your gift. Yes, the reading came last week and I have listened to it for the third time today. My friend Jenny recommended that I talk with you. I resisted though, and told her that I didn't need to give my power away and we can just open to our own Guidance and always find the appropriate answers. Well, she was right. Your reading was spot on. You did not disappoint. Everything you said was as if you have been by my side watching me for that time and knowing every move I have made.
David - Birmingham

would like to thank you for your time with us both; it would be impossible to forget you and the manner in which you touched our lives. I am copying this mail on my hotmail account so that way we can always be in touch. Should you ever travel down under, we will be delighted to be your hosts as you will be welcome in our home... wherever it maybe.
R.R. Dubai

You are great Sahar. Your first reading to me ever was the most amazing thing that happened in my life. You gave me hope and you told me about all this amazing things that were going to happen. You predicted the people, you gave advice and it was true. You told me I would get the flat, I thought it would be too expensive, but it came up! You told me I had a marriage proposal coming but didn't know from whom. It came straight from someone I did not suspect. You told me I would write and get published and I did .. I persevered even when I got rejections. You told me I would write a book and I am now working on that.

You told me last time that I had done a life's work in a few months, .. and I had. You told me I would learn languages .. and I have started Russian lessons (which are going very well). You have always told me things and then I had the courage to go get them. You told me to be patient. This is my way of being patient - looking to see where I've come from with your help - see all that I have achieved. I was blocked and desperate when I met you and since then I have. You have been so right and so supportive and important to me: I was dependent and unhappy when I met you, now I have my home, my job, my friends, my creative patch, my dance directorship and now I want that jewel I've waited so long for and was promised. I did all the work. I suppose I can wait a few more days. You are an amazing woman!
E.P.- London


Dearest Sahar,
Just finished listening to your amazing reading - for the record, let me tell you truthfully, without any embellishment, how "spot on" I feel you've helped me SEE the truth now. You also analyzed my character very accurately. Thank you so much, Sahar, for being such a gifted psychic (you truly are), and for your caring, guidance, and commitment to TRUTH - a friend one can really trust and respect. I hope I will achieve all that I aspire, for I do realize, as you also tell me, that I have been given a lot in this lifetime, and for that I'm grateful.  I will make my loved ones, and myself proud, and hopefully, you too Sahar.
Fondest love, As ever,
L.M - Paris, France 2006

I did just have a little girl as you predicted!
N.G. - Switzerland, 2005

Dear Sahar
It was wonderful to see you yesterday, inspirational as ever, only wish I could carry you round in my pocket!!
J. B. - London

Thank you Sahar, thank you for believing in me and pushing me towards a brighter future. By the way I did the meditation again, and every time I feel a bit better. Lots of love xxxxx
S.A - Jeddah

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. I was very impressed with our recent meeting and would like to thank you for the advice you gave. I will certainly be coming to see you next year.
Best Regards,
L.A .- London

Hi Sahar,
Just had to let you know that tomorrow evening I'm having a "Sahar share party" with a few of my friends... We are all going to talk about what we're doing different since our last reading with you. So, my dear, you should have lovely dreams Saturday night. 

Dear Sahar,
I have received the tape today and listened through once. Everything is clear to me and I have taken note of the homework and the useful tips you gave, sometimes tough for us to implement but I feel always necessary. I enjoyed the tape and found it very insightful. At times it was like you were in my head. I have found it useful and feel confident enough to recommend you to other friends. Thank you very much and God bless.
Y.S.- UK 2005

Thank you. I have received the sound file of the reading ok. I found my session with you very helpful and hopefully soon I will be focused on achieving my goals with confidence and without fear!!! Many thanks.
Andreas B. - UK, 2009