How do Benefit from my session?

Through tackling what I call your "homework", you will learn new skills and tools which can help you resolve any patterns that are holding you back..

Homework will focus you on taking charge of your life. In effect, you will allow new positive patterns to emerge; thus creating a new future for yourself.

Now that you are in charge, forecast changes will begin to take place. Gradually, you will become more aware of how your own actions shape your life.

Making changes happen is as simple as the choices you make on daily basis.



"Life, is the sum of our actions" - Mahatma Gandhi

I can help you in addressing a specific issue in your life, as well as general sense of unease, discomfort, or physical pains and illnesses. Your presenting complaints can be any of he following:

  • lack of sleep
  • stress
  • unhappiness
  • broken relationships, or
  • grief
  • worry
  • negative thinking
  • sadness
  • depression, or
  • physical illness.

All "dis-ease" is rooted in mind and emotions; once that is addressed, and released, the physical body starts going back to balance; and your life will start to respond accordingly. Your sessions will help you to re-align body, mind and emotions towards living a deeply meaningful and enjoyable life.

I offer the following:

  1. Life Assessment:
    Initial one hour counseling consultation (in person and via Skype).
  2. Follow up session, can be half hour or full hour depending on your progress and your needs (in person and via Skype).
  3. Healing: BioEnergy, and Access Bars® sessions which is a healing modality which is about changing the energy of how you are functioning in life that allows change to show up without effort and with great ease.
  4. Harmony & Balance: Energy Clearing consultation for workplace and home.
  5. Dream Interpretation (in person as well as over Skype).
  6. Master Classes to support your personal awareness. They are intensive one-to-one sessions which I teach in person as well as over Skype.

You can have your session in one of three ways:

  1. In Person, or face-to-face. Please contact me to make an appointment, by phone or email. There is no need to place an online order.

  2. Online via Skype: Appointment is arranged once online order is received. To place an order, please visit my Store.

  3. Distant session: This can be conducted without you being present. Book online order first. Payment through Pay Pal to my email address is also accepted. I regret that i no longer offer distant assessment session which I conduct on my own. Distant sessions are available only for:
    • BioEnergy Healing
    • Harmony & Balance consultation
    • Mini Question.



Saturday - Thursday only;
10.00 am - 3.00 pm
my local time.

kindly contact me during the above working hours only. When I am working, I do not pick up the telephone, however you can text me when necessary. Otherwise, the best way to reach me is by email.





When I am away, I post announcements on twitter.


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