It is perhaps "fun" for most people to know their future, however, the real magic lies in being able to co-create your own. Not to control your life, but to be in command of it.

In other words, to be able to perceive life's situations and experiences from an objective perspective. In this way our actions and decisions are in alignment with what we perceive.

This comes about through conscious self-development. The Life Assessments I offer are only the first step towards achieving that goal.

Reading and writing, are two important activities that develop the intellect, or mental awareness. One is window, the other, the mirror of the soul.

Resources - for your own development

Resouces listed are for your information purposes only. They can provides you with information to support your growth, offering help when you feel you need it. They include material, courses, colleges or organizations which I have tried or used myself, and people who I have come to know through my work. Please use your own judgment when referring or using these holistic resources.You will find information on:

  • Music, to awaken your sound awareness and find your true expression
  • People, leaders in their field, who provide holistic services and treatments
  • Places, to visit where you can grow
  • Products, you may need to support yourself emotionally.

They include resources that I have used or come to know. Exercise your own judgment. For example, you may at some point wish to learn about yoga, or meditation for your soul; other times you may need the support of herbal and crystal remedies, such as Bach remedies for your psyche, energetic healing, etc. Further resources are highlighted on both columns on this page.

Also, please visit courses page to explore creative resources, poetry, artists, and links are included to stimulate and encourage your own artistic abilities. Healing can take place through colour, and therefore art does not only have therapeutic effects, but can also inspire! That is partly why I developed PS-Magazine.com, to encourage many of my clients and web site visitors to write articles relative to this site.


How to contact me

Kindly note that when I am away, I post announcements on twitter.

I work weekdays only, and last appointment is at 3 pm my local time. When I am working, I do not pick up the telephone, however you can text me when necessary. Otherwise, the best way to reach me is by email.

email: SHuneidi[at]AOL.com


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