What is Counselling?

"Counseling sessions are a journey to heal your life: to heal physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your being, particularly when faced with what seem to be stumbling blocks in the way of achieving the happiness or contentment you seek. Through counseling you gradually learn how to develop a deeper sense of awareness, build a practical belief system to create the life you desire.

What is Holistic Holistic Counselling?

Counseling is an integrative aspect of healing the whole, and can assist you with personal & professional fulfillment, creating healthier relationships, experiencing more joy, spontaneity and peace in your daily life, pain management, grief and emotional trauma recovery, coping with irreversible conditions and diagnosis, Support during and after chemotherapy and/or radiation. Life is a journey, and as that journey unfolds, guidance might be needed with new situations as they arise to support you from time to time."
Munira Nusseibeh

What is Executive Coaching?

"It's about coaching in areas such as stress and time management, communication, emotional intelligence, leadership, change (i.e. redundancy or mergers) and self knowledge. It's about reminding the serious executives & managers not to panic and that a problem CAN be solved. It allows the corporate client to open up, pour out their fears without fear of being judged. They can communicate frankly to someone who is objective and NEITHER influenced by the company culture, NOR the limitations in attitude."

© Taymour Qabazard


This page includes an alphabetical list of prominent people in the holistic field whom I know personally, or have come to know through my work. Please note that such resources are for your information purposes only. Exercise your own judgment - your are responsible for making your own decisions.

Alice Almeida
Crystal Light Therapy
Trained and practiced as a Medical Doctor in her native Brazil in the early 1980's, before moving into holistic health. She trained at the College of Vibrational Medicine in London. After working with Vibrational Medicine for some years, she added the Crystal Light Bed to her practice. Alice is based at the The Hale Clinic in London.

A professional Channel with an international clientele for over 29 years, she works in deep trance and allows the client's personal Spirit Guides to speak through her. 

Catherine Keattch
Personal Essence Consultation. One of the best intuitives I have come across. An experienced essence practitioner, energy healer and teacher. I have personally found her assessment very accurate, and the essences highly effective. Consultation fee is £10 and will last about 30 minutes. Essences charged separately. +44 (0) 208 144 9710.

Munira Nusseibeh
A holistic counselor, and an energy healer based in Amman, Jordan. She assists clients in developing a deeper level of awareness, and also has structured a certificate training program, where graduates build the skills to heal and counsel others. Healing and life coaching sessions are held over the telephone or Skype.

Dawn Paul
A shaman specializing in shamanic healing, soul retrieval and theta healing for people with emotional problems of all sorts. Also spiritual and and baby naming ceremonies. Dawn is able to work remotely and over the telephone or Skype.

Arthur Smith C.M.P., B.C.S.T.
Renowned US Biodynamic Craniosacral and Transformational Bodywork therapist will be visiting London.  Arthur recently moved to Europe and now lives in Switzerland. If you have not had a session with Arthur previously, I strongly recommend that you do. 

Taymour Qabazard
London based Coach Taymour, uses Neuro Linguistic Programming, Coaching & Thought Field Therapy, to achieve life changing results. Executive Development & Personal Progress. Sessions can be over the telephone & Skype.


What is Trance Channelling?

"A Channel is an individual whom acts as a conduit between the earth plane and the Spirit world.  Channeling is the process wherein the Channel enters an altered state and allows Spirits to communicate through them.  This can be achieved in a multitude of ways such as speaking, writing, creating art, 
or healing. Trance Channeling is a form of channeling whereby the Channel enters a very deep altered state.

The Channel's consciousness is put aside (temporarily) so that the Spirit Guides can have a vehicle through which they can communicate. As a result, the Channel does not retain any of the information that is expressed through them. Deep Trance Channeling also allows the Spirit Guide's presence and personality to come through more distinctly than conscious forms of Channeling. 

What is Shamanic Healing?

"Shamanic healing focuses on energetic and emotional "spring cleaning" and then on bringing a person back to wholeness. We often travel through life dragging all our emotional baggage with us, but this is not necessary! We can leave it all behind us and move forward into a life of happiness and freedom, and liberate ourselves from our past through Shamanic healing.

In addition, it is said that soul retrieval is as effective as between three to five years of psychotherapy. Although the results are subtle – after all, it is a part of the Self that has been returned – the changes can be seen and felt immediately."

© Dawn Paul