weightLighten Up! Win at Losing Listen & start Losing Weight Now!, by Jane H. Percy. Jane is a coach, a medical intuitive, a certified hypnotherapist (her specialty is medical hypnosis), a teacher and a writer. She teaches classes in energy medicine and hypnosis for weight loss, pain and stress reduction. Her weight loss program, LIGHTEN UP! WIN AT LOSING is offered at Backus Hospital and at Riverlight Wellness Center
For daily listening and reinforcement of weight loss goals.

hypDream Control Techniques Through Hypnosis, by Master Hypnotherapist Victoria Wizell.
This is an excellent and effective CD that I personally use. Dream Recall: Learn how to remember what you dream about.  Dream Interpretation:  Learn the hidden language of your dreams that lies in your subconscious mind.  Creative Dreaming:  You can dream about anything you want to dream about. Lucid Dreaming: Take control of the dreams that you have.  This program will help you to learn to become consciously aware of your dreams when you are having them.

Meditation & Self development CD's

"My firm belief is that sound crystallises intention, and that the majority of us do not live out the song of our soul, as a consequence of being fixated by the cerebral aspects of our lives." Stewart Pearce, Master of Voice & Presentation.

Sound is an important element in your own awakening and is essential to deepening your understanding of yourself and that of the world you live in. No self-aware development is complete without integrating the use and application of sound (or colour). I suggest that if you chose to use any of the
C. D.'s from this personal and eclectic list, and that you listen to them over a good quality sound system. Where appropriate, check with your doctor if hypnosis is safe option for you. Remember, exercise your own judgment, - your are responsible for making your own decisions

sourceBack To The Source, by Anne Simpson.
Aims to help people meditate and self heal. Set to especially themed music by Jack Pinter this CD has six tracks and the listener has the choice of how to mix and match the various meditations. Anne has a great relaxing and supportive voice. Available form my store. You can also purchase directly from me when you visit.
Click here  to listen to my podcast interview with Anne about her CD. Meditation: Ancient Secrets for Modern Living CD
See yourself sitting back, relaxing, hearing the sounds, seeing the colours, feeling the chi flow. See yourself, standing in space, your feet on the earth, your head in the stars...the universe beyond the visible...the ancient healing forest...a white mountain reflected in a crystal lake...the sun in the ocean, Fire under Water...55 minutes of Inner Smile, Small Heavenly Cycle (microcosmic orbit) and Healing Sounds guided by the voice of Kris Deva North. Very well produced CD, and absolutely fabulous! Order.

awakeningAwakening, by Stewart Pearce Master of Voice & Presentation.
Stewart Pearce is an international Master of Voice, Sound Healer and Spiritual Teacher. He was Master of Voice at Shakespeare's Globe Theater for ten years. He now has a private practice in Knightsbridge, London where he coaches and heals those who are either drawn to Persuasive Presentation processes or the facilitation of Sound Healing as a result of disharmony or disease. The content of this CD is a journey of easily accomplished exercises, guided by Stewart’s voice and designed to create an embodied, magnetic voice, rich with gravitas and well being. This recording has been described as being ‘transcendent’, and will truly draw everyone to the essence of their note. Listen to my Podcast Interviews with Stewart on the Alchemy of Voice in


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