What type of questions can I ask?

What is important is to prepare. So please take a take a few minutes to clear your mind, and then describe where you are at at this moment in your life, by writing down the answer on a piece of paper.

Then ask your self, "what is that I wish to understand or explore?" it is important how you word your question. For example:"what is the purpose of my relationship with X, what am I learning form it, and what is it about?" Instead of "will my relationship with X work out or not?"



Where ever you may be, don't get stuck! Get quick guidance on issue any time. If you would like to enquire about more than one issue or question, then please order, or book an appointment for, a Follow up Session.

A mini session where you receive an in depth look into one specific question, at any time. I will reply by emailing you a digital, MP3 sound file where I will explain the dynamics at play; normally within 7-10 working days excluding holidays or when I am away. Please see updates on twitter.

What helps me to connect with you is your picture and date of birth. Please email ONE question, outlining your situation. Once I have received your order I will email you as soon as possible.

I will normally email you to advise that it is on it's way to you, and then send the recording in the following email. If you do not receive your recording, make sure that you check your spam or junk folder, or include my email address in your address book.

Mini Question Fee £55 GBP. Please visit my online Store.



Saturday - Thursday only;
10.00 am - 3.00 pm
my local time. kindly contact me during the above working hours only.




When I am away, I post announcements on twitter.


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