Keep in mind three principles:

What you resist persists:
Give up negative and useless beliefs that no longer serve you (I will never have a better job, a loving partner. etc.) and create new ones instead!

Energy flows where intention goes:
Nothing will change until you allow, intend and make room for that change to take place. Only you can be accountable for what you affect in your life.

Be kind to yourself, before you are to others:
It may take a while for your mind to accept and new beliefs and enforce new positive patterns. As of now, make the best of your day, each day.

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A "wholistic", one-hour, consultation. The aim of your session is to guide you back to taking responsibility for your own life, health, and wellbeing; restoring your self-will and empowering you. If you are willing to take advise and practice your Tools For Life, you would gradually be able to build and achieve a better life for yourself. For more details please visit How I Work page.

It would be more beneficial to practice any "homework", suggestions, or Tools before you set up your next appointment. Willingness to take responsibility for your own wellbeing and healing, and for showing up on time for your appointment, are essential.

Remember the old adage, ‘you reap what you saw’? When we begin to face up to the underlying, at times egotistical, reasons and causes for either wanting or resisting a change; the boundaries that hold us back begin to dissolve as we acknowledge our fears, motives and intentions and begin to recognize the first law of Dynamics: every action has an equal reaction.

During the initial assessment consultation, we will work together to determine what aspect or issue is priority for you at present; and then tackle it! Extra supported is provided Tools for Life which you are expected to implement on your own. Based on the initial consultation, we can then work out a progress plan and arrange subsequent appointments when necessary, to bring your life into balance.

Fee £160 GBP whether in person, via Skype (subject to prior arranged time), or as a distant session (healing or energy work).


How to contact me

Kindly note that when I am away, I post announcements on twitter. I work weekdays only, and last appointment is at 3 pm my local time. When I am working, I do not pick up the telephone, however you can text me when necessary. Otherwise, the best way to reach me is by email.

email: SHuneidi[at]AOL.com


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