What To Expect

My life experience and my approach are what makes my sessions unique. I believe that the future is a dynamic process that is affected by our own actions, and can therefore be changed. Any psychic reading is based on how you feel, and on the beliefs you hold at that point in time. Any time you change these, you will change your future.

My aim is to offer insights into your fullest possible potential and practically assist you in realizing your "directing" your life through the 'homework' - suggested tasks for you personally, and support when you need it. Any current stagnant, or blocked, energies can be turned to a positive learning experience. They are in effect a working plan of how to achieve what you aspire to.



In person is a face-to-face session where you make an appointment to see me for any of the following:

  • A Life Assessment, which is a full one hour session, £160.
  • A Follow Up session, which is a half hour session for existing clients only; fee is £110
  • A Dream Interpretation Session, which is an hour session, £ 200.
  • Energy work , BioEnergy healing or Access Bars, one hour session, £160.
  • Access Bars session, 60-75 min, or a
  • A Master Class.

To make an appointment, please visit this page.

  • When you are on your way to your appointment and are delayed because of traffic or public transport, or lost, kindly ring or text my mobile.

  • If for any reason you cannot make your appointment, want to cancel it, or postpone it; even if it on the same day, please let me know, by telephone, email or text. 

  • I usually honour a 15 minutes grace period. If you are late, and I do not hear from you, I will consider your appointment cancelled and will, therefore, not able to see you.

  • A delay longer than 15 minutes would affect following appointments and is not fair to other clients. If you fail to show up without notice, you will be charged full fees; and I will not offer you an appointment again.

Where relevant, I would record the session digitally, and then email you an MP3 sound file. MP3 file recording is free.,You do not have to bring anything with you (except your homework, if applicable). It is always best if you prepare for your session before hand.



Saturday - Thursday only;
10.00 am - 3.00 pm
my local time.

kindly contact me during the above working hours only. When I am working, I do not pick up the telephone, however you can text me when necessary. Otherwise, the best way to reach me is by email.





When I am away, I post announcements on twitter.


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