You have self-will, you are the director of your movie, you always have another choice.

Is the first thing I would tell you when you come to your first session! I would also explain to you that if you take no action, and do not do your what I call your "homework", then nothing will change in your life!

Your "homework" and the Tools for Life that I would coach you ARE tools to affect change in your life.  So, please implement them and do your "homework" before you schedule another session. In this way you will learn to become conscious of the life that you are creating for yourself- now. In the event that you are entirely unhappy with your session, your fees will be refunded. No questions asked.

Tools for Implementing Change, or Your "Homework"

Homework is effectively a set of tools and steps that help you release the past by focusing on taking action in the present; thus becoming more balanced.

It is in this balanced state that changes can unfold in a timely and harmonious manner. If you like, it realigns you with your sense of destiny or purpose. in other words, you can manifest that predicted future.

These tools or suggestions vary according to where you are at, at the time of the reading, in terms of your personal development or awareness. If you get stuck, go back and listen to your reading again!

Each task, no matter how silly or profound can help release "the old you", change an attitude, or develop a new perspective. So, please work at putting them into action.


My core philosophy is to inspire and empower. To help you extract wisdom from the past, and focus on moving forward. That is, to make a shift from victim mentality to that of a co-creator. The former enforces restrictions and stagnation, the latter restores self-will and accountability. My approach is "wholistic". Awareness is achieved by adopting a wholistic approach to self-development, nurturing the body, mind, and spirit. Body awareness, includes diet, lifestyle, and physical regime. Mind awareness includes developing our intellect, opening up to new horizons, and continuously "upgrading" our belief system.

Self-awareness includes learning to listen to our inner voice and differentiating it form mind-chatter or the self-saboteur, and learning to be true to ourselves before we can be true to others or expect them to treat us likewise. When we consciously develop our body, mind, and soul awareness, the result will exceed the total sum of the parts. A balanced 'Holistic life' is about adopting a wholistic approach to your development, using various tools that can help you in everyday life to maintain that body, mind, and soul balance - a recipe for a harmonious future.

My holistic modality is four-fold:

1. We work together - Life Assessment session
is the initial assessment where we work together to identify what needs to be worked on. You then have an actionable plan, or what I refer to as "homework", that puts you in charge of "directing" your own "movie". Your Life Assessment session is your compass; you can then confidently chart your journey through life! Kindly note that priority is given to sessions in person, and session over Skype.

2. You work on your own - Homework
Implementing tools or the homework which will be assigned to you. It will be relevant to your situation or issue and part of your healing; and can include other suggestions or exercises to help gradually bring back your body, mind, emotions and life into balance.

3. Work that i do on my own - Bio Energy Healing, or Access Bars.
This is the work that I do, on your behalf, on my own. which allows your body, mind and energy to integrate; in effect aligning the "new you", so you can catch up with yourself. This session can be conducted in person or from distance without having you present; and is an essential part to my Holistic approach. Healing can help release any old patterns& enforces the new healthier ones. It can take place in person as well as form a distance.

4. We work together again - Follow up sessions
This where you give feedback on your progress or any new surfacing issues. It is re-assess of where you are at now, ascertaining any further support if needed. This can be one hour session or half hour depending on your progress; or a quick and specific mini session.

The result, is gradual unfolding of a more fulfilled life, healthy mind and body affecting tangible positive changes in your life. Sessions can be either in person or online via Skype.

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Saturday - Thursday only;
10.00 am - 3.00 pm
my local time.

kindly contact me during the above working hours only. When I am working, I do not pick up the telephone, however you can text me when necessary. Otherwise, the best way to reach me is by email.





When I am away, I post announcements on twitter.


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