What you need

  • Commitment! You are expected to read, practice, and prepare before each session.

  • Raider-Waite deck. Buy, or order a pack online: Amazon UK, Amazon USA before our session.

  • A4 note book, as well as a journal to record your own observations, dreams, exercises and homework that will be assigned.

In addition, you might find the following books useful: Tarot for Your Self: A Workbook for Personal Transformation, by Mary K. Greer, Amazon UK, Amazon USA.

Learning this system is an ongoing process, the benefit you will gain depends on the level of your commitment. So, practice, be patient, and pace yourself. Learning all about this system of symbology form my friend and former teacher, Merryn Jose, has been a transformative journey and a life changing experience. I hope it will inspire you in the same way.


The tarot cards were an essential tool in my own personal development and spiritual awareness. It started with a deep desire to know the future in order to make better choices and improve my life (I was nominated twice as "one of the best 100 psychics in the world in Dr. Hans Holzer's yellow pages") - and developed into a much deeper tool for metaphysical understanding of how we can "co-author" our own lives. I no longer give predictive readings, but continue to educate my clients by imparting what I gained on my journey helping them create a happier life and a healthier body through holistic therapy, master classes and what I refer to as Tools for Life.

By learning the symbolism, mythology, numerology, and the meaning of each card; and its interpretation in combination of other symbols, you will have a meta-resource of information that will tickle your mind, and deepen your awareness. You will become aware of the blocks and the patterns that you can change in order to improve your life. They are truly a personal guidance and development tool.

The number of sessions you would require to learn about these 78 symbols, depends on your own level of commitment, how much you can absorb and the practice time you devote. A Master Class is coaching, or mentoring, session where you will be guided through the material, however, you are also expected to read, submit assignments, ask questions and to practice in between sessions.

What you will leas rn includes:

  • How to tune into and activate your own innate intuitive ability.
  • How to meditate in order to free your mind
  • How to perceive your situation from a different point of view.
  • The meaning of each symbol.
  • How to use symbol for personal development.
  • Various spreads or combination of symbols.
  • How to interpret dreams using these symbols.
  • How to channel for guidance.
  • understanding the vibrational meaning of numbers.

Fee per session: £200 GBP. Sessions are recorded. Can be held over Skype. You receive an MP3 file afterwards.


How to contact me

Kindly note that when I am away, I post announcements on twitter.

I work Saturdays to Thursday only, and last appointment is at 3 pm my local time. When I am working, I do not pick up the telephone, however you can text me when necessary. Otherwise, the best way to reach me is by email.

email: SHuneidi[at]


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