Dream Interpretation

Each dream, and its meaning, is unique to its "author". If two people were to have an identical dream, the interpretation and meaning may be entirely different because the mind’s language differs from person to person.

Each would have created that dream using their mind’s language, or dictionary, and therefore symbols, events or people they dream about would represent and hold individually different meaning to each of them.

One way of beginning to remember and work with your dreams, is to start a dream journal where you ask your mind to focus on a specific issue by giving it a question. This is what I refer to as directing a dream.

When you wake up, and before you get out of bed, or talk to any one (dreams do evaporate quickly!), write what you remember no matter how little the information is. You can also write words you woke up with, or describe how you felt, for example "I woke up thinking about the colour orange", or " I slept very well, woke up feeling good, but do not remember the dream".This is important. I also normally write the date down and one line, which I call R. L., of what is happening in my Real Life at the time. This will help you integrate your dream with your personal life.


A master Class session is where you receive an in-depth, 1-2-1 training in understanding the language of dreams. I will teaching you the principals of dream interpretation, so you can begin to work with your own dreams as well as interpret others. This is where you will learn how to "sleep on it" so you can look forward to dream time! You will learn how to:

  • keep and use a dream journal
  • direct a dream, by asking the right question
  • employ techniques to help generate and remember a dream
  • bring the energy of a dream into real life
  • identify universal symbols in a dream
  • identify the dreamer's own "dream vocabulary"
  • integrate the dream's message with "real life", making use of the information that comes in a dream.

Dreams reflect your own fears and hopes- your mental construct or belief system. Your brain is ticking along- even in your sleep state! That is why I truly believe that no self-development, or awareness, journey is complete, without looking into the language of dreams. Moreover, dreaming, or sleep time, represent 30% of our lives. It is, therefore, important to pay attention to messages that come through dreams.

In a session, we will take a detailed look at your dream. We begin by defragmenting its components, then highlighting important symbols, and gradually make our way to teaching how to do the same on your own. It may be useful sometimes, to look into a series of 2 or more consecutive dreams to better understand the underlying theme or message.

As an additional tool to help understand and interpret your dreams, I suggest using The Cartouche Cards, which is now on offer to purchase through my online store. You can also have your session over the telephone or Skype, providing we can hold the session during my office, baring in mind the time difference. Once you place your order, or make an appointment in person, I will email further details on how to prepare for your session.

Fee £200 GBP.


Keep a dream journal

I have been working on my dreams and other people’s for more than 15 years. This journey started with meeting Jill Wood, an incredible person and a teacher, who opened up an entire new world for me.

Although a dream may hold some universal symbols, the dream as a whole represents a unique fingerprint of an individual’s mind. As such, the message that comes across is also and what it is trying to communicate across.

Please take a moment to check books page on my web site, to see my recommended book list on dreams , if you wish to expand your dream knowledge further.

As an additional tool to help understand and interpret your dreams, I suggest using The Cartouche Cards, which is now on offer to purchase through my online store.

You can experiment with sleeping with one card under your pillow, perhaps one that relates to a question you have on your mind, or do a spread and ask what does your dream mean. Follow the interpretation of the symbols, then write down how each card relates to your situation.