About the Cartouche System

Cartouche cards is a system of divination, enlightenment, meditation and healing based on ancient Egyptian metaphysical beliefs. "Nine cards relate to archetypal energies associated with the main deities of Ancient Egypt, four relate to the elements of earth, water, air and fire, and the remainder relate to other universal energies which are represented by cards such as the ankh, the pyramid, and the crook and flail.

These energies were used in Egypt as a way to connect with the non-physical dimensions, and subsequently to draw the energies down from there into the physical world. It is believed that many of these energies were used by the priesthood of the Atlantean civilization before the time of Ancient Egypt. To be able to channel the energies represented by these cards, it is necessary to be attuned them by a Cartouche Master."


Learn how to use this unique tool to develop your mind's intuitive and creative ability to sourcing and inspiring guidance.

The word Cartouche refers to the Ancient Egyptian oval or oblong figure in which was written the name of a royal person. The system was created by Murry Hope who used this name to refer to 25 energies that were worked with by the priesthood of Ancient Egypt. She has created the system in accordance with designs and colours found in Egyptian temples and pyramids. It should be noted that these are not Tarot energies. You do not need to have any previous knowledge of Ancient Egyptian Mythology. Many holistic therapists use these cards for an inspirational view point on their work.

Cartouche Master Classes are one-to-one intensive training session where you will learn how to use this system for your own self development, including:

  • The classical  & modern interpretation of each symbol.
  • How to use the Cartouche to interpret dreams.
  • How to familiarize yourself with each card.
  • How to use symbols for meditation & creative visualization.
  • How to uncover a symbol's personal meaning for you.
  • How to interpret a combination of symbols.
  • How to interpret the guidance given on personal development & and life purpose.
  • Understanding the vibrational meaning of numbers.

Fee £200 GBP per session. The number of sessions depends on how you progress and how much you are able to practice. If you are coming in person, no need to book online. Session is recorded and you will receive an MP3 file afterwards for free.



Saturday - Thursday only;
10.00 am - 3.00 pm
my local time.

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