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Many of my clients are engaged, or interested, in the Holistic field. I've put together a list of organizations which offer Certificate Training Programmes in the UK and Middle East in alphabetical order. Should you be interested in pursuing such a qualification, whether to become a therapist or if it is for your own development, please contact them directly. Kindly note that, resources on this page are for information purposes only, please use your own judgment.

Asante Academy
Affiliated Teaching and Research Centre of Chinese Medicine for Middlesex University. Offers training in all aspects of Chinese Medicine, including a professional course in Tuina Massage, Acupuncture training for GP's and Nurses, and Short Introductory courses and workshops.

Bi-Aura Foundation
(where Energy Medicine Guru Deepak Chopra is an Honorary Member) offers Bio-Energy Therapy Diploma.

Body Harmonic Centre New
Bodyharmonics was founded by world renowned expert Maria Mercati in 1992 to provide: Training courses to the highest possible standards in the traditional Oriental healing systems, Treatment for patients in acupuncture, Tui Na (Chinese massage), Indonesian and Thai massage; and Videos & books for self-tuition.

The Graduate Institute
The Graduate Institute's mission is to create learning communities in which academically sound graduate study enriches the spirit, promotes philosophic discovery, provides opportunities for interpersonal and organizational change and encourages the intellect through the exploration of contemporary ideas and ideologies.

Human Givens Institute (HGI),
A memebership organisation and resource open to anyone wishing to support the new school of psychology known as the human givens approach, which is enriching psychotherapy, education, social work, primary care and beyond. It also contains the professional body of HG practitionerseXTReMe Tracker. Read about it in PS-Magazine

The Munira Nusseibeh School of Holistic Studies - MNSHS
This is an intensive and comprehensive full time course conducted over 4 years at the end of which students receive a Certificate of Holistic Studies which enables them to set up their own Holistic Practice.It allows the student to grow by integrating and applying, on their person, the methods and tools learnt at the school. The program is designed for students to understand, embody and experience the three levels of consciousness: Body, mind, and emotional consciousness.
Course conducted in Amman & Dubai.

The Silva Method
Ever wondered what for, and how, do we use the 96% of our brain ability? Silva Method is where you find out. I have personally done all levels of Silva Method, and joined the Alpha healing seminars too. I really believe if you only do one course this is it. You can repeat the course anywhere in the world for a tiny fee, once you graduate from their Basic seminar.


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