“Never underestimate your power.  Never try to devalue what you instinctively know. It is rooted in a very solid core of consciousness, which is who you are and extends right through the universe.  It is this that you are discovering within yourselves. Enjoy your journey."

“Ask to know yourselves, so you can be you, more, with courage, with clarity, allowing your own wisdom to speak, bringing you to the point where you understand the question so the answer is not required.”

“The human being is a dense combination of
psycho-emotional energy which has been brought together with a certain cosmic stickiness, or attraction, which is subject to a gravitational force, thereby keeping you connected to another consciousness form, which also has a dense physicality.”

“You are spirit.  You are an energetic frequency that has the experience of the psycho-emotional state.” “Your energetic body creates the physical body.”

Keith Casburn, Principles of The Universe


The five books mentioned below are, in my opinion, building blocks to developing spiritual awareness. You will understand the dynamics of soul and its relationship to people, events, karma, and its cosmic role.Highly recommended.

The Nature of Personal Reality: Specific, Practical Techniques for Solving Everyday Problems & Enriching the Life You Know
Jane Roberts, pub. 1994 Amber-Allen Publishing.

Seth Speaks- The Eternal Validity of the Soul, By Jane Roberts-New World Library; ISBN: 1878424076. An absolute must for any metaphysical enthusiast!

Care of the Soul: A Guide for Cultivating Depth and Sacredness in Everyday Life, Thomas Moore, pub. 1994 Perennial (HarperCollins).

I am indebted to Keith Casburn, for his input in my own development and spiritual consciousness- an invaluable mentor. The following two books are communications channelled through Keith, offering a perspective of how, vibrationally, we relate to stars, galaxies and other universes. This relationship can make demands upon us mentally, emotionally and physically, as we become more conscious of our greater reality:

Principles Of The Universe, by Keith Casburn, published 1995 by the College of Psychic Studies, London ISBN 0-903336-28-6. This book is a communication from a source beyond the time frame of our solar system. It explains what to do in order to take a quantum leap into a new consciousness and help your mind vibrate above the level of illusion. It includes meditations on energy structures to build your vibratory level.

Izaris by Keith Casburn, pub. 1996 The College of Psychic Studies, London - ISBN 0-903336-12-X. Izaris is one of the second magnitude stars in our known universe. Izaris is a force field, or consciousness form, which emanates from and around the star Izar and which observes our reality here on planet Earth.


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