The Wonder of Dreaming

Dreams are the language of communication between the conscious and the subconscious, they are a way of integrating them and by doing so we become more spiritually aware.

We spend about 30% our our lifetime dreaming. If we tap into this huge resource, we can self-guide ourselves in dealing with our lives. The result, is a more "aware", truthful, and harmonious living.

Dreams, if you like, are the domain where it is possible to "experiment" with probable outcomes, or realities, in a safe manner. I believe that since they are also a product of our own personal mind, which is constructed or shaped through our perception, belief system and experiences; we each have and will develop our own personal dictionary of interpreting our dreams.

There are, therefore, "universal" symbols as well as individual or personal ones in a dream. What I refer to as universal symbols, are symbols that have a universal meaning which the collective, or people in across any culture or background, see in their dreams. If you like, they are present in our collective conciousness, the human-family mind, and are shaped by our common aspirations, needs or experiences. (See right column).

Books: Dreams

Your Dreams - Spiritual Messages in Pyjamas, by Ana Lora Garrard. This is a refreshingly simple, unique, and intuitive book. I loved it in its entirety form cover to end. The content, the presentation, size, cover design, texture of paper, even font size and type- and so would you! In her book, the author, Ana Lora Garrard, encourages readers to explore the meaning of their dreams on a spiritual level, through “the heart”, rather than any intellectual analysis and ready-made interpretation form off-the-shelf dream dictionaries.
Amazon UK, Amazon USA, Kindle UK, Kindle USA

The Lucid Dreamer- a Waking Guide for the Traveler Between Worlds, by Malcolm Godwin, pub. 1994 Simon & Schuster. This is absolutely my favorite. I first received it as a present, and bought many copies to give to friends. It also contains many exercises on lucid dreaming. An unorthodox exploration of the phenomenon of lucid dreaming surveys the nature of the dream world over the last five thousand years, recent research, detailed techniques and exercises from each tradition, and analysis of the nature of dreaming versus waking. Amazon UK, Amazon USA.

The Secret Language Of Dreams- A Visual Key To Dreams And Their Meanings, by David Fontana, pub. Chronicle Books (out of print - 2nd hand). Using Jungian, Freudian, and personal theories, the author provides a visual approach to dream interpretation with easy-to-follow dream directory organized by thematic and symbolic headings, accompanied by advice on fostering self-empowerment by utilizing dream interpretations. Amazon UK, Amazon USA.

Ibn Seerin's Dictionary of Dreams: According to Islamic Inner Traditions, by Mohammad Al-Khalili. " The finest Islamic guide in English to authentic dream interpretation"- Proff. M Ayoub, Dept. of Religion, Temple University.
Amazon UK, Amazon USA.

hypDream Control Techniques Through Hypnosis, by Master Hypnotherapist Victoria Wizell. This is an excellent and effective CD that I personally use. Dream Recall: Learn how to remember what you dream about.  Dream Interpretation:  Learn the hidden language of your dreams that lies in your subconscious mind.  Creative Dreaming:  You can dream about anything you want to dream about. Lucid Dreaming: Take control of the dreams that you have.  This program will help you to learn to become consciously aware of your dreams when you are having them.


Common themes or universal symbols are, for example, dreaming of a house, fish, a wedding, falling teeth, or having sex. These help us to interpret the "universal" message or meaning of a dream- the backdrop, if you like.

What I refer to as personal, or individual symbols, are other particular symbols which your own mind weaved into the narrative amidst the universal backdrop of your dream.

They are shaped by whatever is in your mind at any particular moment, or by a personal experience or event, they can also be people, people's names, locations, that you know. These are the particulars that mean something personal to you.

For example, dreaming of your own mother, has a personal meaning as well as a universal one when expressed in a dream.

When dream interpretation combines the two, universal as well as personal or individual meaning, you will arrive at a deeper, more meaningful and personal interpretation of your dream. Find out how.

© Sahar Huneidi