10-Minute Massage in Schools for Children

" vision of the Massage In Schools Programme is that every child attending school experience positive and nurturing touch every day...everywhere in the world."

It’s wonderful when you read a positive item in the newspapers, amongst all that is happening in the world!

I caught an article in the Telegraph, on Tuesday 6th, about Massage In Schools Programme, where children in a south London school were taught how to give each others therapeutic strokes-a massage, while fully clothed, for 10 minutes. According to the article, this has produced marvellous results, where students began to intermix and play much more interactively and calmly with each other. Also, bullying, stress, and violence were noted to be in the decrease. Children now look forward to starting their day with this ten-minute massage.

The Massage In Schools Programme (MISP) was officially founded in the year 2000 by Mia Elmsater from Sweden and Sylvie Hetu from Canada. Both believe in the contagious effect of a credible, well-structured yet simple program. It is with this spirit that they combined their experiences to create MISP.

Books: Children

How do you educate children about spirituality, whatever denomination it may be, without lecturing or preaching? Well, colour books and simply touching and inspirational stories help! The following is my suggested list of such educational books that are fun for both parents and children alike.

Tai Chi for Kids, by Stuart Alve Olsen.
Inspired by his own son's excitement with tai chi at the age of only three, master teacher Stuart Olson appeals to the innate imagination and playfulness of children to teach them the eight basic forms of a tai chi practice. With this book children can experience the numerous health, learning, and social benefits of tai chi--focused attention; enhanced creativity, imagination, self-confidence; and improved balance, circulation, and overall health--through the eight simple exercises introduced in Tai Chi for Kids.
Amazon UK
, Amazon USA.

Quest For The Crystal Castle, by Dan Millman,
"A hero's journey for children, this book reveals to young readers the confidence, kindness and power within us to overcome the obstacles that lie in our path." 25,000 first printing.
Amazon UK, Amazon USA.

My Guardian Angel, by Samara Anjelae, Martha Elizabeth Ferguson - illustrator.
This is the perfect all-occasion gift for children and adults. The book stimulates imagination and creativity while fostering love and optimism. Other titles in the Wonder Window series include My Fairy Godmother and My Magical Mermaid.
Amazon UK, Amazon USA .

Prince Siddartha Colouring Book, by Jonathan Landaw, Lara Brooke and Janet Brooke. Children can colour this story of universal love and compassion. Includes 31 full-size and 31 miniature line drawings with narrative descriptions.
Amazon UK, Amazon USA.

Buddha at Bedtime: Tales of Love and Wisdom for You to Read with Your Child to Enchant, Enlighten and Inspire, by Dharmachari Nagaraja. Many of today’s children face challenges and obstacles far beyond what their parents ever imagined. These 20 thoroughly modern retellings of ancient Buddhist tales give parents a fun, low-pressure way to impart wisdom and moral guidance without preaching.
Amazon UK, Amazon USA.


"Infant massage is now well recognised throughout the world mainly because of the work of the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM).

IAIM was founded by Vimala McClure, who became inspired by the massage she observed while working in an orphanage in India.

Subsequently, she created a routine of massage strokes for parents that consisted of Indian massage, Swedish massage, reflexology and gentle movements derived from yoga".

The programme is going to be rolled out to more schools in the next year. For more information:

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