Lama Surya Das , author of Awakening the Buddha Within, says:

"One could even say that this is how God creates the universe. The fine arts have always been connected with mysticism. Prayer and contemplation have always been in themselves art. Artful. Reclaiming the sacred in our lives naturally draws us closer to the wellspring, the source of creativity."

Michael Gelb and Tony Buzan, authors of Lessons from the Art of Juggling; say:

"As we age, it becomes all too easy to get stuck in a routine. And often, our routine is accompanied by an assumption that education ends when we finish school, and that our mental and physical performance will inevitably decline. In reality, the average brain is capable of improving with age."

Next time you wonder why "God", or The Universe, or the Creative Force, hasn't done His work in your life, ask yourself if have done yours. Get creative!

If you have an article or poem, and would like it published, please email me. My magazine is a platform for my clients, to post their creative work.

In, which is linked to this web site, you will find a large number of articles, poems & book reviews, and Holistic Events on subjects relating to healing, self-empowerment, mediumship, meditation, inspiration; and much more.

I am grateful for my clients' contributions, without whom, would not be what it is today.


Creativity, love and money are three inter-related channels of personal expression. They represent different aspects of the vital energy that we are connected to from birth. A client may find out, for example, that problems in a relationship are not necessarily related to a bad luck in love, karmic, or emotional issues; rather, that they may very well be rooted in this present life. Either in the creative or money channel. When one channel is passive, energy is ‘forced’ to flow through the remaining two creating imbalance. In my experience, most clients’ problems (regardless of gender, or culture) stem from lack of creative expression. Surprised? Ask your self, when was the last time you acted on a creative thought? When did a live concert, a painting, or a beautiful flower stir your emotions ? When did you last write a poem, sing in the shower, or attempt a drawing?

Below are related creative links, including those of my clients and friends. They are here for your information only- please exercise your own judgment. Many, of the resources listed here circulate, in addition, their own free newsletters. If you are interested in subscribing, please contact them directly.

The Arvon Foundation
To all the budding creative talents, this is the link to the writing courses I have been recommending and encourage you to do.

Laura Lian - Artist
Laura's work is sought after from corporate, public and private collectors across the UK. Included amongst her collectors are Bernie Ecclestone, Dermot Desmond, Nicky Clarke and Rachel Hunter. Laura specializes in sculpture, her commissions are diverse, from portraits with the likes of U2, John Lennon and Gareth Chillcott, to impressive metal-relief sculpture. Read her article entitled 'My Buddha' in

Julia McCutchen - Creative Coach
Julia's journey in publishing spans over 20 years, and includes working with Element Books, Penguin and Random House. her track record includes UK no 1 and international bestsellers. She is an independent Publishing Consultant and Creativity Coach; and author of: The Writer’s Journey: From Inspiration to Publication. Please listen to podcast interview with Julia about her work.

The Poetry School
Offers a comprehensive core programme and an array of special events, including opportunities to work with distinguished visiting poets and critics such as Mark Doty, Jorie Graham, Germaine Greer, Les Murray, Paul Muldoon and CK Williams. See poetry section in PS Magazine.

The Writer's Bureau - online/home study course
It's ideal for beginners and you can earn while you learn. Details are FREE with no obligation to buy. A practical resource that would help people through their writing apprenticeship.

Tara's drawing

Developing your creativity

it's about ‘becoming more aware of all that there is within us.’ To directly experience reality as it is, not as we would like it to be.

This encourages our own individualistic wisdom to develop without being coloured by others’ opinions and experiences. It is about being one with the creative force, a divine time, if you wish.

Creativity demands your full attention, focus and discipline in order to develop: focusing you in the present. Being ‘in the now’, helps you release attachments to current issues, including people in your life and your own expectations or patterns.

This makes it possible to generate other probable futures or outcomes. Creativity flows when we are in touch with our inner natural resources - our divine right.

It follows, the closer you are to your centre the more centered or balanced your energy patterns are, the more you are aware of and in command of your choices, and understand the experiences you attract, and reasons why.

Consciousness evolves from the ‘here and now’, allowing you to be well on your way to a fulfilling life – attracting the right relationship, marriage, having children and creating money.

By releasing or unblocking your creative channel, you can experience a harmonious flow in your love channel, money channel and your life.

© Sahar Huneidi,
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